Recipient Report: Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy

The first recipient of financial aid from The Second Act Foundation was another non-profit leader: Leah Leach, Executive Director of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy. Gal’s Guide’s mission is to provide an independent women’s history library to preserve, collect, share and champion women’s achievements and lessons learned. They act as a catalyst to creators who utilize resources to guide others to these amazing role models who have been waiting in the shadows of history for […]

2,480 Pads Donated!

YA’LL DID IT! Not only did we meet the 2000 pad goal, we blew past it!! Altogether, you donated 2,480 menstrual pads for LA Downtown Women’s Center! Period poverty impacts so many women who are in unstable living environments and trying to move their lives forward. Imagine your period coming along and you’ve got NO supplies. You have to improvise with other materials and hope for no leaks or worse. Or maybe you miss work […]

Take the #PadPledge this November

Periods are not a choice. The average menstruating person spends about $20 on menstrual hygiene products per cycle, adding up to about $18,000 over a lifetime. These products are not covered by SNAP or any other program. Let’s be blunt: if women can’t afford to deal with their periods, they can’t be financially independent. If you have to stay home or you’re sick with another infection because you had to use some makeshift materials to […]

Launch Merch!

We’re officially launching the organization and we need help raising our initial funds! Show your financial support in style and grab a launch tee that says it how it is: FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE KEEPS WOMEN SAFE. This original art was designed just for Second Act Foundation by Katie Toomey of Silverice Studios. Help us hit our initial 50 shirt goal, and contribute a little extra if you have the ability. (We’re awaiting 501c3 tax exempt status […]